Five Reasons Your Website Needs a Renovation

As a custom home builder or remodeler, you know that the internet can be a great marketing tool for your company. The cornerstone of your internet marketing program is your website. However, if your website is something that was created a couple of years (or in some cases over a decade) ago, it may be time to think about a website renovation.
We’ve gathered some of the more common signs that a site may be due for a revamp. Do any of these sound familiar?

1.) Your Content is Outdated

Don’t just look at your site, read it. Is the content interesting, engaging and designed for both readers and the search engine? Take this opportunity to re-do your existing content to make it more engaging for readers, but also make it keyword-rich, so it will rank well on the search engines. Also, remember that NEW content is important too, so perhaps scheduling a regular blog post or other content is in order.

2.) Your Site Isn’t Mobile Friendly

The biggest game changer in the internet world over the past few years has been in the surge of mobile browsing. What does your site look like from a tablet or smartphone? If it is hard to read or navigate, your site isn’t mobile-friendly, and you are likely chasing away customers.

3.) You Rank Poorly on Search Engines

When you search for topics related to your company on the search engines, how do you stack up? If your competition is coming up for common keyword searches, and you are not, something is wrong. Making your site rank well for search engines takes work and time, but it will pay off when you see how many new customers you can reach.

4.) Your Site Doesn’t Encourage Action

So, what do visitors do when they visit your site? If they are just reading, and not acting, there may be a problem. Make changes to your site to encourage action. Add links or even buttons that help visitors to navigate your site and know what they should do next. Adding action elements will help you turn visitors into leads—or even conversions.

5.) You Aren’t Taking Advantage  of It

If you aren’t capturing information from your customers through your website, you are missing the chance to reach more leads and make more action. Ask for an email, get visitors to connect on social media or even consider offering a giveaway as a “lead magnet.” No matter how you choose to do it, take advantage of the opportunity for lead generation your website offers.
As you can see, the signs of an outdated website are not always straightforward. Keep an eye on your site and be proactive about making updates. A modern site is an appealing site—and one more likely to rank well on Google, Bing and other search sites. Making changes to modernize and streamline your site will keep it at the top of the search engine results and will help you get ahead of the competition.