4 Ways to Gain and Retain Business from High-End Clients

For contractors and builders, gaining (and retaining) high-end clients can make or break your business. However, there are specific ways you can appeal to high-end clients to ensure that you’re not only staying in contact after the job is completed —but that you’re also fostering a relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a bank of high-end business, here are four important ways that you can gain and retain business from high-end clients:

#1. Remember the First (and Ongoing) Impression

We’ve all heard that first impressions are vital in business —and the contracting and building fields are no exception. But, when you’re appealing to high-end clientele, there’s more to it than just a friendly handshake.

Make sure that you and your team sport professional attire, are well groomed and represent your brand —always. A well-branded team will showcase the professionalism and credibility that high-end clients look for.

The same is true about punctuality. If you are running late from another project, don’t wait until the appointment time to notify your next client. Give them a heads up as soon as you are aware that your schedule has changed and offer to reschedule if your tardiness will become an inconvenience. Being punctual and respectful of the client’s personal time throughout the project will speak volumes about your dedication to the client and their business.

#2. Keep Constant Communication

By informing the client every step of the way, you’ll demonstrate how tuned-in you are to clients’ needs and will keep the communication lines open. From the initial consultation and bid to after-the-sale follow-up, don’t give your high-end clients the opportunity to wonder what’s going on. A client that feels they can openly communicate with their contractor anytime is a happy client —and those are the ones who bring repeat and referral business.

#3. Pay Attention to the Details

By maintaining a well designed and organized worksite from the start, your attention to detail will further illustrate your expertise. Your high profile clients expect you to protect the worksite from damage, respect their property and clean up after yourself when it’s time to go.

Spend extra time at the start of each day preparing the worksite with protective sheeting and tarps over flooring and sensitive surfaces. If the jobsite requires a porta-potty, make sure to cover the exterior with a decorative lattice so as not to offend the homeowner or their neighbors. And place trash receptacles or dumpsters in discreet locations.

Make sure your team is on top of the physical worksite throughout the build. Your top-notch clients expect your team to be professional and polite, so make sure everyone wears protective clothing (i.e. shoe covers), keeps tools and equipment away from delicate finishes, and behaves professionally at all times.

#4. Give Service After the Sale

While going your separate ways after completing a job used to be the nature of the business, luxury homeowners expect a higher level of service from their contractors.

Start by sending out monthly e-newsletters with maintenance tips, smart home & conservation news, and upgrade ideas, you’ll illustrate how deeply you care about their home —even after a job is completed. Given that you’ve already worked hard to earn their respect, lock in future business and referrals by staying in touch.

Word of mouth is the key to success when it comes to high-end clients, so it pays to consider ways to cultivate their business. Start earning additional clients and securing former ones by partnering with Glasshouse. Our modern home care platform and done-for-you newsletters enable you to continue to serve these valued clients and grow your business. Connect with us today to learn more!