10 Easy Home Upgrades to Tackle in a Weekend

One of the pleasures of owning a home is making gradual additions and upgrades that make it more comfortable, convenient, and beautiful. For many of us, the only time to get these done is to devote a weekend to the project.

Weekend projects can be a great change of pace and really give you a sense of satisfaction. There are probably some little improvements around your home that you’ve been pondering for months. With some solid planning you can accomplish a surprising amount on the weekend.

Here are a few projects that are simple enough to tackle in a single weekend and will add to the enjoyment of your home for many more weekends to come.  

#1: Mount that flat screen

Hanging your TV frees tabletop space and also makes it visible from more parts of the room. Plan to get this job done one weekend. It’s really just a matter of careful measuring and driving a few screws. You’ll need these tools to do the job:

  • Cordless drill
  • Tape measure
  • Stud finder
  • Screwdrivers
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Socket/ratchet set
  • Level
  • Drywall saw
  • Utility knife
  • Masking tape

Follow the instructions including with your particular mounting hardware, paying close attention to setting the bracket level. You will likely need to have a couple of helpers on hand to help hold the TV in place for measuring.

#2. Add some storage

Another very effective project for making your home feel more spacious is the addition of shelves to help control clutter.  Shelves can also serve a decorative function, providing a place to display your favorite art or books, adding personality to your home.  

Installing custom shelving is a great weekend project, and there are many options and approaches to choose from. How you build yours can depend on the space you have available, the materials you want to use, and what they’re designed to store.

#3. Assemble new furniture

This is a project that you can’t rush, so the weekend can be best for tackling any sort of assembly. You may have a new accent table or some exercise equipment to put together. With a few basic tools, the task is ideal for the weekend.

#4. Repair a fence

Fences can be a great enhancement to your property, but they do require maintenance. Fixing loose boards or sagging gates can instantly revive a fence, and boost your home’s curb appeal.

#5. Install safety upgrades

Keeping your loved ones safe in their home is a great goal, and many safety upgrades are quick and easy. You can add child guards to cabinet doors, safety gates on stairways, and accessibility ramps anywhere they’re needed. Bracing furniture (like bookshelves) is also a great idea, especially in areas prone to earthquakes.

#6. Repair torn screens

A small detail, but well worth tending to. Torn screens are unsightly, and they don’t fulfill their function of keeping insects outside where they belong.

#7. Seasonal decorations

Decking your house out for holidays can be a really fun weekend project. Creating a festive and welcoming atmosphere can make special times at your home even more memorable. Keep in mind that the decorations have to be taken down and stored, as well, so allocate a weekend for that as well.

#8. Outdoor living upgrades

Another seasonal aspect of your home is the outdoor living space. One great project to prepare for the summer months is a complete cleaning and servicing of your barbeque equipment. You can prolong the life of your grill with thorough cleaning. Corrosion and rust will keep a grill from performing at its best, so it’s important to get to parts like the burners and fire box, and to replace worn or broken parts.

#9. Add weather stripping

This weekend project may be invisible to the casual observer, but you can bet that it will be plain to see in your future energy bills. Refresh the weather stripping around doors and windows to keep your home more comfortable year round while also keeping energy costs under control.

#10. Install new light fixtures

This instantly updates the look of your home. You can add an eye-catching fixture on the front porch, or make your kitchen more functional by adding task lighting where you need it.

Getting the Help You Need

There are plenty of projects around the home that can be done in a weekend and have a big impact. For some of us, weekends are for relaxing and enjoying our home, not working.

If you’d like to get some upgrades done but can’t spare the time yourself, remember that Glasshouse can handle these jobs for you, as part of our on-demand services for members. Check out our site to see how a Glasshouse home maintenance subscription can free up your weekends and keep your house in tip-top shape.