6 Perfect Housewarming Gifts For Millennials in the Bay Area

Millennials. Such a familiar term, and for good reason. They’re the largest demographic in the U.S., and they’ll continue to dominate as the boomers age. In fact, Pew Research tells us that in 2015 for the first time, there were more millennials than Baby Boomers in the U.S. workforce. The Census Bureau predicts that they’ll soon outnumber the Boomers by almost half a million, and the difference will only grow as the years go on.

These statistics help explain why so many of your clients fit into the millennial age group. While for years they have tended to prefer renting to buying their homes, it appears as though this is changing. The NAR’s Generational Trends Report for this year is showing that millennials are growing up, and their home-buying decisions are becoming more traditional.

While they’re becoming more traditional in some ways, millennials continue to hold many views that set them apart. They like to work collaboratively, interact on social media, and form a strong connection with their communities. Many millennials are actively involved in the community, in addition to holding challenging jobs.

When you’re thinking about a useful and memorable housewarming gift for your millennial clients, it’s good to keep these points in mind. Millennials are keenly interested in taking care of their homes, which represent such a major investment. They also feel that spending time with family and friends is very important for a well-balanced life.  Their families may be growing, and they have busy careers.  

What are some housewarming gifts that can appeal to these priorities?

#1. Cater to their tastes

If your clients have ever made a passing reference to specialty brews, they will love a monthly subscription such as a craft beer of the month club. The Rare Beer Club delivers two to six bottles of beer to subscribers each month. It features a wide variety of beers, and a subscription like this has an extra advantage. It keeps your name in the client’s mind for an extended time, a sure way to increase referrals.

There are dozens of options for subscriptions that deliver specialty treats and gourmet foods – even beauty products, jewelry, and more. Your clients will appreciate the customized feel of this gift.

#2. Help protect their investment

The home represents a huge investment for all of us, and millennials want to retain its value. This requires good preventative maintenance, but young families seldom have the time, tools, and expertise to handle the job in a comprehensive way.

Gift your lucky homeowner with a subscription to Glasshouse, which professionally handles all of the routine maintenance for the home, taking the task off the homeowner’s plate to give them more time for family and friends.

#3. Accommodate their devices

Millennials love technology, so a gift that complements their devices can be a hit. There are some amazing but inexpensive accessories for smart phones, iPads, and other devices available from merchants on Etsy. Many are handmade and very unique, like docking stations and stands made from wood and other natural materials.

#4. Help them kick back

Another great subscription idea is one that helps millennials relax and enjoy some entertainment. This could be a subscription to a streaming site like Hulu or Netflix, or a one-time gift of tickets to an upcoming concert that you know they’d love. Movie passes can be a great gift for a family.

#5. Tech is their friend

With millennials, you can’t really go wrong with technology. Pick an item that they likely don’t have (everyone has an iPhone), and will help make their home cozier. A Nest thermostat can be a great gift, and it keeps on giving through lower energy costs and a more comfy home climate. Another winning techy gift might be a Roomba vacuum. Fun, practical, and very techy.

#6. Make a donation

Millennials make charity donations at a high rate, so your clients might appreciate a donation made in their name. Pick a local charity that lets them feel connected to their new community. Go Out and Help’s site provides an extensive list of Bay Area charities, so you can choose one that meets your client’s interest and your budget.

Bay area millennials are an important segment of the community’s home-buying population, and a terrific potential source for referrals. Show your appreciation for their business by choosing a housewarming gift that demonstrates your understanding of their priorities. Consider the individual, and choose one of the suggested gifts above to make a lasting impression.