Glasshouse Transparency Reports with the Schreiber Family

The Schreiber Family, Piedmont, CA, Members Since: 2015

Q: What compelled you to sign up with Glasshouse?

A: We signed up as members because Glasshouse really benefits our whole family. As a dual income family, it’s much easier for my husband and I to request a task through Glasshouse rather than putting our home maintenance projects off on one another, especially when neither of us has the ability or bandwidth. Plus, we both like using the app to delegate tasks to Glasshouse – less frustration for us, more time with our kids – everyone benefits!

Q: What was your first visit like with Glasshouse?

A: It was a huge relief. We immediately knew we’d made the right decision to have a pro help us take care of our new house.

Q: Prior to Glasshouse, how much time were you spending on home upkeep and maintenance?

A: Part of me wants to say not enough – so many things weren’t getting done and our to-do list was growing out of control. Another part of me wants to say that we wasted hours of time searching for help and being frustrated with the results.

Q: What are your biggest home maintenance concerns?

A: I have a brand new home and it’s frustrating that even still, things aren’t working perfectly. Things are already requiring intervention.

Q: How is Glasshouse helping with those concerns?

A: Glasshouse simplifies the process. We don’t have to guess who to call or how to tackle household projects that pop up.

Q: What are you looking forward to doing, now that someone else is managing your home’s maintenance?

A: Spending more time with our babies!