Glasshouse Transparency Reports with Hilary Cooper

Hilary Cooper, Piedmont, CA, Member Since: May 2016

Q: What compelled you to sign up with Glasshouse?

A: I had seen ads about the company, but when my friend told me how helpful it was and how she couldn’t imagine what she did before, I knew I had to try it.

Q: What was your first visit like with your Glasshouse manager?

A: Jason was terrific. He checked everything out, showed me how to use the app, and really made me feel like my house was in good hands!

Q: Prior to Glasshouse, how much time were you spending on home upkeep and maintenance?

A: Not nearly enough!

Q: What are your biggest home maintenance concerns?

A: Honestly, it’s all the little things I CAN’T see. I know what things I’ve been living with around the house that are creaky or crooked, but it’s the stuff going on behind the scenes that scares me the most.

Q: How is Glasshouse helping with those concerns?

A: I just feel like, finally, someone is caring for the house who actually knows what they’re doing (versus me and my wonderful but not-so-handy husband).

Q: What are you looking forward to doing, now that someone else is managing your home’s maintenance?  

A: Having a glass of Chardonnay and NOT worrying about my house.