Glasshouse Transparency Reports with Laura de Petra

Laura de Petra, Piedmont, CA, Member Since: April 2016

Q: What compelled you to sign up with Glasshouse?

A: The minute I learned about the concept of staying ahead of my home repair issues, I knew it was for me.

Q: What was your first visit like with your Glasshouse manager?

A: Jason was great! He introduced himself, gave me an overview of the whole program, showed me how to use the app, and then efficiently completed all his work. He was personable, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. Awesome!

Q: Prior to Glasshouse, how much time were you spending on home upkeep and maintenance?

A: Ugh. It was a lot like the whack-a-mole game. Just moving from issue to issue, reacting to problems, scrambling to find help, and then when everything was quiet again, worrying what was going to break down next.

Q: What are your biggest home maintenance concerns?

A: I’m probably most worried about my appliances and systems breaking down. They are all specialty brands that are 10-20 years old and are expensive to deal with in an emergency.

Q: How is Glasshouse helping with those concerns?

A: Glasshouse helps me stay on top of the routine service everything in my house needs. And they give me a sense of security, knowing I have someone who can help me when I need it.

Q: What are you looking forward to doing, now that someone else is managing your home’s maintenance?

A: So many things! I’ve been a homemaker for a number of years, and while “making” a house a home is fun, scrambling to fix a broken water heater isn’t. Being able to offload maintenance will not only make my home life better (and my marriage!), it will enable me to finally go back to work. Yay!