6 Spring Cleaning Maintenance Tips for Your Home Office

(This article originally posted on Home Business Magazine)

For those of us that work from home, it can be hard to separate “home life” from “work life” —but sometimes the two cross paths. It’s spring cleaning season, and —while you’re tending to home maintenance tasks like clearing out the gutters —your home office shouldn’t be overlooked.

Your home office is, after all, an essential space where you spend countless hours, and you should feel comfortable, safe, and productive.

These six little tasks can make a big difference in making your home office an even better working environment. So when you’re ready to tackle your next round of home maintenance chores, consider this:

Check the Lights

Check all bulbs to prevent a fire hazard, making sure they’re the correct wattage for the fixture. You can use a frosted bulb if you have frequent eye fatigue, it reduces glare. If you want to reduce the heat coming from your bulbs, change to fluorescent ones.

Test Smoke Detectors

Don’t forget to test smoke detectors around the house, even the one in your home office. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, your smoke detectors should be checked once a month, and batteries should be replaced twice a year.

Fix Creaky Doors

Nothing is more disturbing than a squeaky door. Fixing the noise can be a quick DIY task, and can save you a ton of irritation. Grab aerosol lubricating oil and spray the door’s hinges. If the noise persists, then you may want to consider having a professional replace or fix the hinge pin.

Check Window Seals

Inspect your windows and doors for any broken seals. This should be checked often, as this will prevent water moisture in your office and can reduce summer cooling costs. No one wants to work in an environment that Mother Nature has gotten the best of!

Tidy Electronic Cords

Each year, thousands of household fires result from surge protectors, power strips, and electrical cords. Only use models that have an internal circuit breaker, which will trip the breaker if the power strip is overloaded or shorted. Inspect and tidy your cords to ensure they’re still in good condition, and never plug one surge protector or power strip into another.

Service the AC Unit

While not technically in your home office, you’ll thank us for this tip. Nothing can make a workday more stressful than a hot and steamy office. Have a qualified professional clean and service the outside AC system. An annual service call can keep the system performing at its best —and you working cool under pressure.

When you start to tackle home maintenance tasks this spring, don’t separate your “work life” from your “home life”. Keep your home office a safe and productive space by including it in your home maintenance routine.

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