Glasshouse Transparency Reports with Jen Rego

Jen Rego, Piedmont, CA, Member Since: 2015

Q: What compelled you to sign up with Glasshouse?

A: I saw the website several months after my remodel and realized I could really use a hand keeping all the new systems in great condition.

Q: What was your first visit like with your Glasshouse manager?

A: Awesome! Jason made me feel so comfortable and our communication was so flawless that I instantly relaxed.

Q: Prior to Glasshouse, how much time were you spending on home upkeep and maintenance?

A: It’s hard to say exactly how much time – but whatever it was, it was too much. Plus there were plenty of things that I just wasn’t doing because I simply didn’t have the time to give.

Q: What are your biggest home maintenance concerns?

Things breaking at inconvenient times. I’ve heard so many horror stories about people not knowing that something was wrong in their house until it was too late.

Q: How is Glasshouse helping with those concerns?

A: I feel better knowing that an expert is checking in on my systems, looking for leaks, keeping things running smoothly, and letting me know when something needs attention. Plus at least I have a resource if anything does unexpectedly break.

Q: What are you looking forward to doing, now that someone else is managing your home’s maintenance?  

A: I’m looking forward to being more relaxed in my home – not thinking of all the things I should be doing!